Who we are

In 1881, one of the most remarkable American authors, Ambrose Bierce, wrote: “Dawn is when men of reason go to bed”. He got it perfectly right! Therefore, we, the Night Owls, would like to thank each and every one of you for having shown such a strong support and we look forward to continuing to share tremendous parties with you…

Our team, which organizes mainly electronical music parties in clubs, was born in the late 90s. We started with the creation of “Singular Plural” parties one Thursday a month at the D!Club in Lausanne, Switzerland. This concept was soon followed by others, such as “Casino”, “Ibiza Winter Season” and “Miami Bar”.

In 2001, we were given an unexpected opportunity by the Mad Club to spread our wings. As a result, the Mad Club and our team began our “Mad Attitude” journey in September 2003. Since then, we, owls, have given birth to other party themes, such as “1er Août: People In The City”, in 2009, that justly celebrates the Swiss National Day in full daylight.

Our leitmotiv is: let’s keep sharing music from all over the world with our friends and the public, in a spirit governed by joy, unity and good vibrations. JUST PARTY WITH GOOD ATTITUDE AND GOOD MUSIC!


Resident DJ’s

La Forêt

LA FORÊT is a young collective of musicians and artists represented by two night owls, Edmond & Jonathan. On the road as…

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Kūn: sound/people/philosophy Kūn is sound: a blend of what house and techno music has best to offer, rooted in the tradition of…

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